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            Xiangyang King Success Chemical Co., Ltd. , located in Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, was completed and put into operation in July 2013. The plant covers a total area of 150000 square meters. It is a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province and an intellectual property (demonstration) construction enterprise in Hubei Province. Establish long-term industry university research cooperation with Wuhan University of engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Qingdao University and other universities.

            The company's products are divided into ultraviolet absorbers, photoinitiators and pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates. Benzophenone series UV absorbent series products have a long history of production and operation, advanced Technology and reliable quality. It is one of the export bases of UV absorbent series products in Hubei Province and a large production base of UV absorbent series products in our central and western regions; The production capacity and output of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates are second to none in China; The quality of photoinitiator is superior to that of domestic peers and that of international giant BASF of Germany. The product customers are all over the world. There are not only domestic and international well-known enterprise groups, but also representative enterprises of new materials, new technologies and new applications.

            Xiangyang King Success Chemical Co., Ltd.
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